Diesel Gas Townsville is a leader in the auto gas motor fuel industry, any vehicle, stationary engine, forklift or other machine powered by LPG as a motor fuel is our specialty. We are authorised by QLD Government to install/certify, service and repair all LPG motor fuel systems and have a mobile service for your convenience.

Aside from our technical expertise, we are official agents for Diesel/gas Australia and Lovato Auto gas and can now offer LPG Liquid Injected Systems for petrol vehicles. LPG Liquid Injection is the new standard when it comes to auto gas installations.

We boast a fully equipped workshop and can communicate with most electronically controlled auto gas systems and have the latest test equipment for Common Rail High Tech Diesels. With regards to repairs, depending on the availability of parts we can generally return your vehicle in the same day so inconvenience to you is keep to a minimum.
Diesel Gas Townsville is a North Queensland LPG conversion specialist. We turn expensive fuel guzzling vehicles into lean, mean LPG machines.

All our work is guaranteed, including our auto-electrical services and quality CouplerTec rustproofing. We are a sales and service agent for the excellent Command cruise control and reversing aids.

Make your time on the roads hassle-free. Contact us today.