Diesel Gas Townsville is a leader in LPG conversions for all vehicles. However, our fully- equipped workshop also allows us to do so much more.

With qualified auto electricians on hand, we can help clients with all their wiring, battery fitting and rustproofing needs. We can also install and set-up a range of aftermarket accessories, including reversing aids, cruise control and more.

Give us a call to discuss your needs or drop in to our Aitkenvale workshop and see us today.
Diesel Gas Townsville is a North Queensland LPG conversion specialist. We turn expensive fuel guzzling vehicles into lean, mean LPG machines.

All our work is guaranteed, including our auto-electrical services and quality CouplerTec rustproofing. We are a sales and service agent for the excellent Command cruise control and reversing aids.

Make your time on the roads hassle-free. Contact us today.